About us

We are the #TeamStampsy, 100% 4 People who ♥ Roses
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The Farm

StampsyBox is located in the province of Carchi at 2,950 meters above sea level (near the equator), feature that makes out of the farm the ideal place to produce the best roses that are strongly desired in all markets for the most exclusive clients.

The process of harvest when achived is to select the finest stems for our clients observing the leing and size of each rose to put together the most beautiful and out standing bunches for our customers.

The production is supervised in all the process, the standards are improved every day in quality always keeping in mind to always provide our customers with the best product, we count with the best tegnology and infrastructure, besides a professional human team with plenty experience to assure quality, durability and satisfaction.

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Our sales team

It’s not just about producing top quality roses, it is also about having fun and loving what you do! We are the #TeamStampsy, 100% 4 People who Love #Roses

Roses are beautiful, not only by the wide variety of shapes, colors, and smells, but also because those who work with them help people feel special emotions such as love, concern, sympathy, affection, and many more. ?. Thanks to all the florists and wholesalers for their passionate work, without you, #Stampsybox would not be as successful as it is!