Purity elegant
Romantic Rose
devotion and gratitude
Exquisite Rose
Raspberry Ice
Symbolizes Passion and Love
Enchanting and fascinating
Its Beauty is a Classy Symbol
Explorer is the red of romance
Frutteto it is like an Aphrodisiac Fruit
Romantic charm
Just imagine your knight
Heart Garden Rose. Red Flower
Everything that you look at with love seems beautiful
An autumn feeling!
Love but fidelity
Its elegance and breathe-taking
Amazing rose
Faithfulness and pureness
Wonder and impossibility
Sweet nectar of your life
Is an expression of gentleness
Red and flame such lava
Soft kiss from the lips
Thirst with such a fresh color
Pink Floyd symbolizes femininity
Sophisticated love rose and indicates an affection
Expresses happiness and enthusiasm
Expression of a garden in paradise
Purity lies in its white
Soft color like a sandy beach
Sunset Rose
Its delightful color is like a first kiss
A sunrise with a bright sun
All we need in love
Revelation of God
Grateful for in life and twilight’s